Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits can I gain from working out 4-5 times a week?

Strength training

 There are many benefits to working out this often. You will become stronger,  more balanced, and over all just feel better. You can also save money by  not having to visit the doctor and pharmacies as often. It is proven that exercise is a natural stress reducer. 

How will you know what I need?


 A good Certified Personal Trainer will conduct a fitness assessment test on each client.  Everyone is different. It will be up to me to figure out what you need. You will fill out a health assessment questionnaire. Once we figure out what is best for you I will create or assign an exercise program. 

Is it cost efficient to have a personal trainer?



The average person could spend as much as $8,000 on medical yearly. Signing with a Certified Personal Trainer or signing up for at home workouts can help you keep your health in order so your visits to the doctor are minimal. A Certified Personal Trainer/fitness coach helps keep you accountable to your fitness goals. By being accountable to yourself and your Certified Personal Trainer, you will be less likely to “skip” your workouts. Fitness is a proactive way to be healthy so that you don't have to be reactive.