Fit, Fierce and Fabulous

Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist


Meet your trainer


I am a busy boy mom of two who is obsessed with keeping myself and my family healthy and happy! 

When  I sit back and think about why I started my journey it really comes  down to wanting to feel like I am making a difference in my life and  those who are around me. 

I want other people to experience the amazing journey that I went through and continue going through. 

I  lost 89lbs but that isn't even the best part. I may have lost all that  weight but I gained a new found love and appreciation for myself and for  my health. When I am your personal trainer/wellness coach you become my  family. Family is EVERYTHING to me. I will give you the one on one  attention and motivation. Along with adding you to a community full of  like minded people who all want the same thing--which is to be mentally and physically healthy. 

Together we will accomplish YOUR goals! 


Knowledgeable Training Expertise

 I have years of success and experience, and I am capable of  guiding you through the process of getting to know your body and  creating a fitness plan that will help you reach your goals. Most plans  include healthy eating and exercise, to ensure the best results for my   clients. I will work with you as your personal trainer to keep you on track and motivated to  reach your weight loss and health goals. 


Your Success is My Goal


I  understand that adapting new fitness and nutrition habits is difficult and often  times fails. My goal is to change your view on living a healthy lifestyle, so that it  becomes apart of who you are and your way of life. I strongly believe that  if you practice healthy habits, you will be able to obtain a healthy  lifestyle.